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Now the host & founder of The Wilderness Journal, Kyle began hunting & fishing as a young boy in the Thumb Region of Michigan. After meeting his bride, Tina, on the Sierra Army Base in the mountains of Northern California, they eventually returned to Northern Michigan, where they still make their home.

They have spent their 37 + years of marriage raising their 3 daughters, now affectionately know as "The E Girls," in a lifestyle rich with outdoor hunting & fishing tradition. Their life-long commitment to advocating for Michigan families led to their founding of The Michigan Sportsmen's Congress in the late 80's, which fought for laws & legislation protecting Michigan hunting & fishing rights.

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The Wilderness Journal television show, as we know it today, was a natural extension of Kyle's hunting journal entries, & has grown to include the hunting & fishing adventures of an entire, extended outdoor family more than 19 years after the pilot episode.

Their family-based business now encompasses a
commercial & promotional production company, a public speaking calendar that offers everything from motivational to faith based focuses, consulting projects, & annual Outdoor Expo & Gun Show.

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“With the Creator’s blessing, & our viewer family’s support, we will continue to pursue the thrills & challenges
of an outdoor lifestyle. Young to old, man, woman & child, we will put our own hands on our own food
& we will do so in some of the most awesome & exciting places on earth.
Memories are the true trophies
on the walls of any real man or woman. As such, they are not simply found,
they require effort & have to be made.”
-Kyle & Tina Randall

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